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In September 2002, I cycled solo from Bangkok to Singapore. It was a two week journey covering some 2000+kms, and the main purpose of the trip was to raise awareness and funds for the Breast Cancer Foundation.

In the weeks and months following my return, I  was constantly asked the same question : “what’s next?”.

It weighed heavily on my mind but I felt that if I did another long distance bicycle ride, it probably would not have the same effect as the first one did, especially if I wanted to fund raise for a charity. But hang on – did I want to do it all again? Do a bike ride AND raise money for charity AGAIN especially in these economic times?

People often asked me what it was like to cycle all the way from Bangkok to Singapore. The first word that comes to my mind is “painful”. It was both physically and mentally painful. Apart from creating awareness for the Breast Cancer Foundation through the ride, I also set myself a goal of raising some $10000 through pledge cards. Eventually, the total amount raised was a little more than that.

What effect did this “fund raising” bicycle ride have on me ? It didn’t change my life around 180 °. On reflection, the changes were more subtle. As the weeks and months passed, I got plenty of emails from friends and well wishers, many of them people I have never met before. One email in particular spoke of how he and his wife were coming to terms with her having been diagnosed with breast cancer, and how because he had read about my ride, they knew straightway that they could turn to BCF for support. It was emails like that that made me realize that what we all do, in our own capacities, does have an impact on the lives of others. However idealistic it may sound, the little that we do, CAN make a difference in this world.

So I decided to be a “professional beggar” again this year. The challenge was to organize something involving cycling that would be different from last years long distance endurance ride.

“Cycling for Cancer” is a 24hour cyclethon where I will be spinning on a stationary bicycle for 24 hours, in aid of the Children’s Cancer Foundation.

The event will take place 11-12 October at Youth Park. Apart from me cycling for 24 hours, there will be a carnival with food and game stalls, celebrity appearances and band performances. We are raising money through the carnival stalls (all proceeds from the carnival will be donated to CCF). The public will have a chance to have a go on other stationary bicycles (for a donation, of course) although not for 24 hours !

We hope that you will visit the carnival, enjoy yourselves and at the same time, part with some money for a worthy cause. See you there!


home  · Nike Real  Run  ·  L'Aigle d'Or Restaurant charity lunch  ·  acknowledgements  · press

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home  · Nike Real  Run  ·  L'Aigle d'Or Restaurant charity lunch  ·  acknowledgements  · press

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