Feast For A Great Cause

You won't mind donating generously to a great charity with this cuisine.
19 September 2003

French cuisine has been taking a beating in culinary circles lately. Heavy ingredients, and a rather snobby image hasn't exactly seen patrons tripping over themselves to sample the "French flavour of the month". 

But L'Aigle d'Or restaurant seems to be the exception to this rule. Whether it's the buzzing excitement you feel as soon as you walk into the lobby of the Berjaya Duxton Hotel, or the animated service staff that greet you, this French restaurant can still draw a good lunch crowd despite a few setbacks. 

"We had one guest staying in the hotel during SARS," says Phillipe Pau, Operations Manager. 

Maybe it's the affable presence of Phillipe, who has returned to the Duxton Hotel after a two-year hiatus that has the place buzzing with so much excitement. Word has it that some diners explicitly make reservations when Phillipe is at the restauraunt. It's easy to see why. His warm personality and old-world charm is infectious. 

Phillipe's "can-do" attitude has seen him in some interesting situations. He says, "I've had to go in search of rare bottles of wine, track down special food items for guests, and I even helped a young man propose to his would-be wife. We arranged everything from picking her up to presentation of the ring. But I draw the line at finding the guests "dates"," he says with a twinkle in his eye. 

But I would bet my bottom dollar that it's the great service, and excellent cuisine that is keeping L'Aigle d'Or from the gourmet revolving "out" door. And this time for a great cause. 

From 15 September to 21 September, Dominique Ferchaud, former executive chef of L'Aigle d'Or will reacquaint local diners with his incredible cuisine. His weeklong stint will culminate in a Charity Gala Luncheon on 21 September. This charity initiative is in partnership with Wendy Chan - a spunky lady who has raised awareness and funds for various local charities through her "Cycling for Charity" 24 hour cycletons. 

Patrons can sample some of Chef Ferchaud's old favourites during his stint at L'Aigle d'Or. Dishes such as the warm lobster salad, lamb filet, tender veal, and his famous lemon soufflé will definitely have you forking out a charitable donation, and forking up incredible flavours. 

The Charity lunch on 21st September starts off with a glass of champagne followed by six dishes paired with various wines. The wines are sponsored by Culina Pte Ltd. 

Lunch is priced at $160 net per guest and all proceeds will go to supporting this worthy cause. A charity auction will also be held simultaneously to raise funds for the Children's Cancer Foundation. 

L'Aigle d'Or Restaurant
Berjaya Duxton Hotel Singapore
83 Duxton Road (S) 089540
Tel: 6227 7678,
email: laigle.dor@pacific

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